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Hibernating Phoenix

I’ve been lost for some time, but I think I finally found what I’ve been looking for the past few years. Finally! I can take a step forward now that I have gotten rid of the negativity in my life (Boy was there a ton to go around!) I miss and love my friends and I sadly haven’t been able to talked to them, but that will change now!. Anyways this is what’s new and good:

I have an apartment with my very gorgeous best friend who just happens to be my girlfriend ;)

I have many snakes and fishies that this place is starting to resemble a zoo. (Flash is looking for a cat as I type). 

I have been eating pretty healthy (except for those nights when we can’t decide what to eat and resort going to a wings place haha).

I have fully immersed myself in spirituality again which has helped me grow and take steps in the right direction. 

I am beginning a lot of new projects soon! I’m pretty stoked to get started on them and share them. Stay tuned!

Of course those are only a few good things, but life is going great right now. I think it’s time to celebrate this new me. Beers on me ;) cheers!

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